The Floor and Wall Tile Guide

If you are modernising your home and are thinking of using Tiles instead of a carpet or even having a wooden floor installed, we have this simple guide for you.

There are two types of tile that you can use for your home when decorating, a floor tile and a wall tile.

So what is the difference in the two? Both sets of tiles are very similar but the reason that they are named different is that floor tiles are more durable and are classified by the strength and durability.


The reason for this is that although a tile may be seen strong at first but because all floors have different levels of traffic some are made a lot stronger than others.

So in theory, you can use a floor tile for wall decoration but a wall tile will not have the strength to last if used for a hallway, bathroom or kitchen.

The way that a tile is graded can slightly differ, but the most common is PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) is the most common. There is grading system is from zero to five depending on strength with zero being the weakest and not to be used for any floor.

There are a number of good tile suppliers in London for you to choose from so do some research online and compare services, products and prices.

There are other measurements also for water absorbency and you would want to go into this in more details if you were to install tiles in a shower or bathroom.

For more information and picture, please watch the video below.

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Top 5 Modern Ideas for Your Home Office

A home office can be a small space around your house or apartment that you have set aside for an office or school business. The place can be small or big depending on the size of your house. It should be comfortable and in a good environment that will enable you to work. Below are the top modern ideas you can use in decorating your home office;

  1. Your office wall; you are able to turn your office wall into a peg board. This is an easy way to be more organized. Hang your inspirational art work, best and motivating quotes and also your awards and trophies.
  2. Trays and pencil holders; working entails a lot of paperwork. It is ideal for you to invest in trays that will hold most of your filing papers and documents. You can easily reach them by arranging them in a systematic order. Do not leave your pencils and pens all over your office desk; use empty jars to place them or buy a pencil holder. This is a neat arrangement that is very easy to achieve. See cattelan Italia
  3. Storage boxes; if you take most of your work at home, then you’re likely to have a lot of documents. Get a filing system that holds all your important documents. Create a storage cabinet and place them inside in a neat manner.
  4. A stand for your smartphone; it is not a must to buy a landline for your home office. Create a charming little stand for your smartphone. In this way you won’t be able to misplace your phone in a pile of paper on top of your desk.
  5. A functional communal workspace; if you want to get some work done at home, invest in a good space. Ensure that it is quiet, private and comfortable. and have some amazing modern floor to ceiling wardrobes for your home.


There are a lot of fall back ideas and projects that you can look into for your home office.

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Startup Scene in West Africa

When most investors consider the best places to place their financial investment dollars, Africa is likely the last area that enters your mind. Yet, the investment scene in Africa has experienced a surge of task over the last few months, fueling conjecture that Africa could be the following huge startup hub. See Bertrams Lukstins launched startupswestafrica.

Amongst the markets in Africa experiencing the biggest level of task are the shopping and mobile sectors. At the heart of much of that activity is the Believe Accelerator class, a product of Millicom Foundation, funded by an annual budget of $10 million. Additionally offering to sustain Africa’s startup scene is Safaricom, which lately launched a $1 million start-up investment fund.

The fast evolution of support for the start-up scene in Africa is a breath of fresh air. In the past, it was quite typical for start-ups on that particular continent to see their ideas duped. Today that is quickly transforming as even more mutual fund are being provided to sustain smaller services. Merely a few of the services that have actually benefited from such financing include Jumia, a shopping operator that got a round of financial investment funding totaling $150 million. Takealot and also Konga have additionally both received significant rounds of financial investment funding.


Looking Toward the Future of Tech Development as well as Investment In Africa.
According to Frost & Sullivan, Africa could possibly develop right into a $50 billion ecommerce market within the next three years. The dimension of Africa’s ecommerce market was simply $8 billion two years previously, standing for a sizable amount of growth.

Such growth is greatly attributed to a quickly expanding mobile and Internet market throughout the continent. Additionally, several sub-Saharan economic situations are currently experiencing a fast rate of growth, further fueling e-commerce and also other sectors.

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How Much Do Street Artists Make


Streets artists are popular in many cities, and their moves and acts are always a sight to behold. Most of them are professional and pros, who have invested much time and energy, even resources, just to perfect their acts. As a street artist, one must always be disciplined, determined, and very persistent. In this day and age of the internet, the competition has become very stiff! Artists who were previously unknown have suddenly emerged, with killer moves they learnt or copied from YouTube. If you are to remain at the top of your game, you must constantly keep yourself updated on the newest and latest moves and acts.

  • Street artists can earn anything between $ 100 and $ 10,000 for their acts or performances. In fact, most take their acts or performances as the main jobs, and sources of income.
  • The street artists include musicians, dancers, magicians, acrobats, and so on so forth. All use the street as their stage, and their acts or performances attracts crowds. Members of the crowd can throw in money, or invite them to perform in a more confined setting like in a party, event, etc.
  • In some instances, the street artists are paid per hour. You would find them charging $ 1,000 per hour, $ 5,000, or whatever amount that they have agreed upon.
  • Street artists can either perform individually, or as a troupe. However, their acts or performances are always more colorful if and when they do it as a group! This is because they can synchronize their acts, and drive the crows and audiences into frenzy.
  • If you wish to make money as a street artist, it makes much sense to have an online presence, either in form of a social media page, or a website. This will help you interact more directly with your fans, as well as land more opportunities to perform.
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How G is going to treat Link Building in future

In this nicely done infographic you going to see how Google works and how they will be treat link building and such activies done to achievs the resulst on the web. You maybe new person for this game, but surely you will want to know why and how to do such of a work if you have business, brand that needs traction on the web.

In the 2016 it’s vital you have a business that resones with all your goals, that comes to if you know how to build  brand that gets taction on the web, because it  has gone through some of the best practices that are imporant to rank higher on search engines.

See the infograpic that’s brought you by UK’s most authentic seo company london that’s a having a best seo experts london.


Source – seo blog by ClickDo

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Teeth Straightening with Invisalign Invisible Braces

Invisible-BracesMost people have to get braces at one point of their life or another. Braces can be a distinguishing factor that people use to single you out from the crowd a fact that could be very embarrassing. In London it is especially so since it is a very hip and modern city where looks are held in esteem. It could help therefore to have invisible Invisalign braces input so that you can enjoy perfect dental health without anyone being the wiser.

In London there are several orthodontic experts who are experienced and qualified enough to be able to carry out this kind of procedure effortlessly. They help to curb to curb dental anomalies by inputting these invisible Invisalign braces to help.

Invisalign treatment in London is quite cost effective because the practitioners use standardized prices that are competitive in the dental industry. They use high quality machinery and tools so as to ensure that the procedure takes the shortest time possible to complete and that it is done effectively.

Invisalign treatment in London using invisalign invisible braces is mostly on outpatient basis. You only need to make an appointment, walk into the establishment, get your teeth done and walk out after a few hours. This means that you can live a normal life even after getting the treatment unlike some others. Read more on

The practice of straightening teeth with invisible Invisalign braces has really taken off in London. Most of the facilities are offering it because of its demand. Get quality back into your life by asking the step to have your teeth straightened in any London orthodontic clinic today.


Bring the beautiful smile to light by having your teeth straightened using invisible Invisalign braces from an orthodontist london.


Invisalign dental procedures are at their best in London.

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Staying Healthy From Mobile Radiation


When mobile phones were invented, they were hailed for their role in helping make communication easier, and more convenient. Today, almost every person in the world owns a mobile phone; and those who don’t, have a brother or a sister who has one. Like all good inventions, there are always two sides of the same coin. Mobile phones have been found to emit harmful radiation rays that experts have blamed for the rising cases of cancer. In other words, it is possible to expose yourself to radiation simply by using your mobile phone.

So, what are some of the ways one can reduce radiation exposure when using their mobile phones?

  • Reduce body contact; most men have a habit of placing their mobile phones so close to their bodies, often in their pockets. Women on their part have been known to put their phones in their bras at times. Experts discourage this; one is advised to have their phones at least 10mm away from their body.
  • Texting; another thing one can do is to text more, and talk less on the phone. Most of the radiation is generated when the phone is held close to the ear, and one is speaking to someone. Texting means holding your phone further away from your body, compared to making a call.
  • Loud speaker or earphones; most of the radiation absorbed is absorbed via the human head, when one is pressing their phones on their ears, speaking to the other person. Generally, the trick is to reduce the distance between the phone and your ear as much as possible; turn on the loud speaker, or use some earphones to keep the phone further away.
  • Limit kids usage of phones; children’s brains are still developing, and are more susceptible to the effects of radiation that adults would. Studies have shown that children’s brains tend to absorb more radiation materials.


avoid-radiationLastly, always wait for the phone to connect, before bringing it close to your ear. Most of the radiation takes place during the few seconds that the phone is trying to connect on the other end.


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Health by arts

Over recent years, there has actually been an expanding understanding of the influence that taking part in the fine arts could have on wellness as well as wellness. By supplementing medicine and also treatment, the arts can enhance the health and wellness of individuals who experience mental or physical health issue. Engaging in the arts can ensure prevention of condition and create wellness. The fine arts could boost health care environments as well as benefit personnel retention and expert growth.

arts in healthThere are many different ways in which this job is explained (arts in wellness, arts for health, fine arts as well as health and wellness, etc) yet basically they are all about the result that active engagement could carry the wellness as well as well-being of individuals and areas. As operate in this area has grown, so recognizing and gauging of its impact has actually grown and also there are now a variety of scholastics around the nation (and globe) exploring the influence that the arts have on health and wellness.

Read the Charter for Fine arts, Health and wellness & Health and wellbeing here.

That does this job?
There are a great deal of various individuals that operate in fine arts as well as health and wellness. These consist of fine arts specialists, scientists as well as managers that manage fine arts programs in hospitals. There are likewise lots of individuals and also organizations who operate in the neighborhood giving arts opportunities to individuals experiencing illness. Various other artists and arts specialists work in medical colleges, with architects and also in the field of health and wellness promotion. Even more info concerning the various locations of operate in arts in wellness is here.

Big Difference Company – child dancing
What form of point does fine arts in wellness include?
There are, broadly, 5 primary locations of arts in health and wellness job:

Arts in the medical care setting: For the past thirty years, many medical facilities have actually decided to incorporate art work into the medical care setting to boost the encounter of patients and team. Nowadays, most medical facilities have fine art exhibitions and numerous have musicians working to improve lights, wayfinding, gardens as well as professional locations.

Participatory fine arts programs: Obtaining associated with the arts supplies both social and creative outlets for individuals who are ill– either with physical health problems or psychological wellness problems. Lots of treatment residences, General Practitioner surgical procedures and healthcare facilities as well as neighborhood settings offer chances for people to engage with the arts as a tool to boosting their wellness.

Clinical training and also Clinical Liberal arts: For hundreds of years, the arts have played a part in developing the technique of medicine and also the understanding of wellness. Bunches of doctors will now have an arts element to their training and numerous health-workers locate that active involvement in arts task helps them with their job. The fine arts are additionally frequently used to assist explore ethical problems in medicine.

Arts Therapy: Arts specialists are registered with the Wellness Professions Council and are certified forms of treatment which make use of the arts as their main type of interaction. The fine arts therapies (dramatization, songs and also visual art) have currently become a recognized psychotherapeutic tool for made use of by certified therapists with clients, generally on a one to one basis.

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